Vegetable Sushi class has started!

Here are the Inwei original vegetable Sushi!


I receive many message asking about vegetarian Sushi class availability these days.


So we decided to start vegetarian Sushi class. 


Vegetarian Sushi class includes ;

  • 4 kinds of vegetable Temari Nigiri Sushi
  • Vegetable appetizer
  • Tofu main dish
  • Miso soup with vegetable soup stock 


Please contact us if you are interested in Vegetable Sushi class.


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Sushi Class

Vegetable Sushi class

About us :

A unit of friendly mother and daughter welcome you with homely atmosphere.


Yasuyo (mother) was used to run her own Chinese tea salon “inwei’ near from Komazawa Park, Tokyo until 2006 and served original Kaiseki Ryori, Japanese traditional menus with Chinese tea. Her salon was picked up by many magazines and TV shows. 

Masayo (daughter), while she had a career in business field, she helped her mothers’ salon and learned cooking skills.