Nanohana no Chirashi Sushi

This is a Sushi dish which we provided for March class in Japanese.

There are several types of Sushi in which Nigiri Sushi and Roll Sushi are the most common types.

The one we cooked for the class was Chirashi Sushi.

Chirashi means scattered and usually couples of kinds of ingredients are scattered on Sushi rice.

Since it is easier to make than Nigiri Sushi, what we cook at home is usually a Chirashi Sushi. 


For this Chirashi Sushi, I chose Nanohana, Rape blossoms, as a main ingredient.

Nanohana is one of the most typical spring vegetable in Japan.

It is very difficult to explain but it contains bitterness in its taste and the unique bitterness becomes addictive !? to at least myself...

Eggs and dired young sardines cooked with Soy sauce, Sake and Mirin were used as other ingredients. 


Maybe you might think that raw fish always come with Sushi but we also often cook Sushi without raw fish.  


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Yasuyo (mother) was used to run her own Chinese tea salon “inwei’ near from Komazawa Park, Tokyo until 2006 and served original Kaiseki Ryori, Japanese traditional menus with Chinese tea. Her salon was picked up by many magazines and TV shows. 

Masayo (daughter), while she had a career in business field, she helped her mothers’ salon and learned cooking skills.