Stir-fried lotus root and Chinese sausage

On this snow weekend, it was too cold and slippy outside to go to the supermarket.

So I checked pantry and found couples of preserved foods, Chinese sausage, walnut and cloud ear mushroom.

Are there any vegetables in fridge? Lotus root, spinach, garlic,,,,,,


Hummmmm,,,,  !!   These ingredients should be a good Chinese dish!!

All the ingredients are fried with sesame oil and seasoned with soy sauce, oyster sauce, Chinese chili sauce,

walnut paste, sake and bit of sugar.

Pantry preserved foods became a tasty Chinese dish that went well with rice.

I cook many kinds of Chinese dishes.

You might think we cook miso soup every day but in fact, many of us cook non-Japanese dishes quite often.

Besides Chinese dishes, I often cook Korean and Italian dishes and my husband's favorite is always Chinese!


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