AGEDASHI TOFU is a dish with fried Tofu and hot Japanese soup stock.

AGEDASHI TOFU is a popular Tofu dish in all seasons but I enjoy this warm dish especially in this cold season.


Well drained tofu is covered with potato starch and fried in vegetable oil.

The soup is seasoned with Dashi, mirin and light soy sauce and leeks and ginger are garnished on top. 

By the way, giner is a good ingredient in winter season since it makes you warm.

This time, I only cooked Tofu but it is also good to enjoy the dish with other fired ingredients such as mushrooms, pumpkins, eggplant, shrimp and so on.


If you use vegetable soup stock instead of Katsuokonbu Dashi made of fish and kelp, it becomes a great vegetarian dish.


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